Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Welcome to the Cascade office of Mitten Kids Dentistry – where pediatric dental care meets compassion and expertise. We will be moving this orthodontic office to a brand new location in April 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

Address: 100 Crahen NE Suite 100 Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Address: 100 Crahen NE Suite 100,Grand Rapids, MI

A New Standard in Pediatric Dentistry

Conveniently located in Grand Rapids, between Cascade, Forest Hills, and Ada

Mitten Kids Dentistry offers a unique, child-centric approach to dental care. Experience a blend of advanced dental treatments and a nurturing environment at our state-of-the-art facility.

Mitten Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics Office

Meet Our Team!

Our Cascade team combines expertise with empathy, ensuring each visit is comfortable, informative, and fun for our young patients.

Mitten Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics Cascade Office
Mitten Kids Dentistry Cascade Office
Mitten Kids Dentistry team
Mitten Kids team
Mitten Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics Cascade Office

Any Child, Any Need

We strive to cater to children of all dental needs with a special focus on individualized care for every child.

Comprehensive, In-House Services

Experience the convenience and comfort of having all dental services under one roof. We are the only privately owned office in the area that offers pediatric dentistry and orthodontics by board-certified providers!

Special Needs Care

With a heart for inclusivity, our Cascade office specializes in caring for children with special needs. Our compassionate approach and tailored treatment plans ensure every child feels safe and supported during their dental visit.

Infant Frenectomies

Our expertise in infant frenectomies is unmatched. We focus on early intervention to address oral health issues, setting the stage for healthy dental development right from infancy.

Same-Day Care

Emergencies can't wait, and neither do we. Our same-day care service ensures that your child receives immediate attention and relief for any urgent dental issues, with the same level of compassionate care.


From traditional braces to modern aligners, our orthodontic services at Cascade are designed for every age and need, including adults! We focus on creating beautiful, healthy smiles with treatments that are as unique as your child.


Our Treatments

Mitten Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics Office

Grand Rapids

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