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1.) Age 1

Our goal at Mitten Kids Dentistry is to see every child by age 1. Here they will learn what a pediatric dental practice is all about, and how regular checkups actually do rate somewhere between going to the beach and birthday parties.

We teach children with a method called “tell-show-do”, and we do this very honestly because kids have a way of seeing through anything less. This helps to instill trust between our doctors, our experienced team, and your child. It also gives your child a vested interest in their own oral health, which we think is quite important.

Oh, and if your child is 1 year 1 month, or 3 years, or older – no worries! It’s never too late to get started. We love children of all ages!

2.) Parental Involvement

We need your help. Your child needs your help. Dentistry doesn’t just happen at Mitten Kids Dentistry, it happens at home. We’ll work together to develop the best plan to take care of your child’s teeth at home.

Parents are always welcome back for appointments and may be necessary for the first couple of visits, but in time your child will be ready to do it on their own. Independence in a child is one of the things we value you most here. And while you sit back and wait comfortably in the front (enjoying your coffee and WiFi), we’ll be teaching your kids how to properly care for their teeth. Then afterwards, we’ll share those lessons with you, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to keeping your child healthy and happy.

3.) Communication is Key

This is essential, and happens between everyone (Doctor, staff, parents, and children).

We communicate on every level, and believe this is very important. Through websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, health fairs, school events, sports events, and the greatest form of communication ever… talking! We’re always here to answer your questions. Ask away, anything is fair game!

Whether it’s related to your child’s growth and development, if they need braces, if they have cavities, why they get cavities, or why Dr. Brett and Dr. Grady are the best pediatric dentists – we’ll do our best to deliver the answers in an easy, fun, simple, and positive manner.

4.) Any Child. Any Need.

We pride ourselves in being able to serve any child, no matter their needs. Medically compromised? Special needs? Scared of the dentist or new places? Doesn’t matter. We’ll work with you and your child to deliver the best care.

5.) Repeat

We’ll get together again at least every 6 months to make sure your child is staying on a healthy track. Then we all get together again at least every six months to make sure your child is staying on a healthy track. Oh, and don’t be at all surprised if your child start looking forward to dental check ups… crazier things have happened.

To learn more about our Grand Rapids dentists at Mitten Kids DentistryBrett Kingma DDS and Grady Randall DDS or to request an appointment, please contact our office or call us directly at 616.942.9840.

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