Is a Crown Falling Out a Dental Emergency?

July 2, 2019 Mitten Kids Dentistry

Dental Crown Pediatric Dentist Grand Rapids, MIChildhood is full of bumps and bruises. Over time, parents learn to tell the difference between a minor injury that can be walked off versus an injury that requires immediate medical attention. But if your child’s crown falls off their tooth, is it a dental emergency? What steps should parents take to help their child if their crown falls out?

In general, losing a crown isn’t a dental emergency. You’d only want to see our emergency dentists if the tooth’s jagged edges are sharp and your child may cut their tongue or cheeks accidentally. Otherwise, in almost all other situations, your child can wait for a regular dental appointment.

What Should I Do If My Child’s Crown Falls Out?

Don’t panic. The first thing you should do is call our office. We’ll be able to schedule an appointment for your child as soon as possible, usually within the next few days.

While your child waits for dental care, it’s important to protect their tooth — and potentially their dental crown — so their crown can be easily restored.

If your child’s dental crown is intact, we recommend buying some dental cement from the drugstore. After you clean your child’s dental crown, you can then apply the dental cement to your child’s actual tooth and place the crown on top. Simply hold the crown in place until the cement dries.

If your child’s dental crown is broken, we still recommend keeping it to show our emergency pediatric dentists. Our dentists at Mitten Kids Dentistry may still be able to use your child’s dental crown if it’s in good condition.

In the meantime, you can use mold dental wax over your child’s tooth to protect it. Most drugstores sell dental wax — it’s also used to push errant wire braces back into place.

Can My Child’s Crown Be Reused?

It depends on the condition of your child’s crown. If the dental crown is intact, our dentists may be able to place it back on your child’s tooth. Otherwise, our dentists may need to make a new tooth crown for your child.

If your child needs a new crown, we’ll take impressions of their teeth to send to the lab. Our dentists will then place a temporary crown over your child’s tooth. When your child returns for their second appointment, their permanent tooth crown will be ready.

Can My Child Eat Normally If Their Crown Falls Out?

Your child can eat if their crown falls out, but only after you’ve protected their tooth by either cementing the crown back in place or protecting their tooth with dental wax.

Your child also should stay away from foods that are sticky or hard to chew. These kinds of foods can pull their crown off again by accident, further damaging their tooth.

It’s also a good idea to encourage your child to chew mainly on the side of their mouth that’s opposite their dental crown.

What If My Child Swallowed Their Crown?

Call a medical doctor immediately if you think your child swallowed their crown by accident. 

Swallowing a dental crown isn’t too risky — it should pass it in a few days — but there’s a risk that your child may have instead aspirated (breathed in) their crown. A medical doctor can take X-rays to make sure the crown hasn’t ended up in your child’s lungs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Call Mitten Kids If Your Child’s Crown Falls Out

Brett Kingma DDS, Grady Randall DDS, and Alex Korte DDS are emergency pediatric dentists in Grand Rapids, MI. If your child’s crown has fallen out, our dentists are here to help. Call Mitten Kids Dentistry today at (616) 942-9840, or contact us online to request an appointment.

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